How Do Fiber Optic Cables Work?

Once there was a time when only ordinary network cables were used for forming local and wide area networks. With time, things got changed and new and more advanced cables were introduced. This is why you should know what are fiber optic cables used for because these are the newest type of network cable that has changed the way people and businesses used to form wide or local area networks at their places.

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What Are Fiber Optic Cables Used For?

These are the most common uses of the fiber optic cables that you should know. These cables are mostly used in data centers and for fast ethernet applications.

Data Centers

Data centers store tons and thousands of user data. These places need the best quality networking cables to keep things in motion. Even the standard network cables can be used here but it’s the fast transfer speed that these cables lack. Therefore, the data centers rely on fiber optic cables.

Fast Ethernet

Fast ethernet means the network standard that supports speed up to 100Mbps. Now, on paper, it might seem that it’s a very slow speed but the data centers and organizations have a variety of data transfer speeds to deal with. So, they opt for fiber optic cable just to be on the safer side. It’s one future proof investment.

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet supports data transfer speeds up to 1gbps. This is quite evident just from the name. now as we know the fiber optic cables are made for high-speed network connectivity. Therefore, they are used for gigabit ethernet applications.

What Are Fiber Optic Cables Made Of

What is fiber optic cables made of? This is an interesting question that anyone can ask. Just like other types of network cables, these cables are used for high-quality networking at offices and residential properties. Now coming to the build of these cables. The fiber optic cables have a very unique construction as these cables are designed for high-performance networking at offices and homes.

The Fiber optic cables are made of?

Glass Strands

The Glass strands are the main type of component. The Glass strands are just like normal hair. These are used to transfer the light signals. All fiber optic cables have these strands.

PVC Coating

As the name says, this is the outer coating of the fiber optic cables and is made from the famous PVC material. Now some of these cables also have outer plenum coating. But most of them have PVC coating.


So, now you came to know what are the fiber optic cables used for? These cables not only promise enhanced bandwidth speeds but also fast data transfer speeds. Therefore, these cables are widely used in data centers and for local area networking. Overall, fiber optic cables are one great cabling option for a wide variety of needs.

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